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Stars & Promise

     Heartbroken, grieving, and probably losing her mind, Violet must leave Sentinel Clan in its greatest hour of need to search for their last hope of survival. The lycans could tip the scales in their favor, but lycans are not easy to find. They prefer their location to remain a secret and the one person who could lead her to their evasive leaders has gone missing. With no one to guide her, Violet prays she can find the lycans and bring them home before her emerging abilities consume her.

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Front Cover of Stars & Promise Book 3 of the Sentinel Rising Trilogy

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Sentinel Rising Books 1 & 2

In a world of wolven, being average can get you killed.

     Without a wolf spirit of her own, Violet Draven is basically a souped-up human and an easy target. When her twin brother Jax makes enemies with the future alpha from a neighboring clan, she tries to stop him. A concussion sends her to the Sentinel Clan's doctor where the results of her recent tests reveal more than she bargained for. Determined to prove her worth, Violet trains with the best in the clan, but she's still considered a liability. To protect her, Jax orders his best friend to guard Violet, making the fight against her forbidden feelings for her new bodyguard even harder to hide.

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The Covers of Sun & Blood and Moon & Ruin Books 1 & 2 of the Sentinel Rising Trilogy
Image by Benjamin Raffetseder

A Dream Conquered

Crystal Frost lives in the mountains of Utah with her husband, three rambunctious children, and a crazy, hyper-excited poodle named Merlin. Being an author was once a dream that she buried inside herself after being diagnosed with both learning and neurological disorders at nine years old.

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