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A Single Word

Have you heard of people choosing a single world to represent their new year? If not, you're in luck! It's exactly as it sounds. I've only done this one time. In 2020, my word was Conquer... then Covid 19 hit and it changed to something along the lines of survive. I didn't set a word for 2021 because I was still recovering from the fallout of the previous year.

Now, with 2022 beginning, and my website about to go live, it feels fitting to find a word to focus on and represent my year.

There are a few I've been leaning toward;

Grow, Dream, Believe, Intention, Create, and Balance.

How do you choose a single word for an entire year?

This year, I've thought over my plans for the coming months and looked at the words above. While they all fit, and I could use every one of them, there is one I feel fits all aspects.

For 2022 I choose to focus on the word Create!

To create daily.

To write and publish my books.

To draw and paint.

To play and sing music.

To create better habits for myself.

To create a healthy lifestyle.

Do you choose a word for your year? If so, feel free to share it! I'd love to hear what you have chosen.

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