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Sun & Blood Media Tour Schedule

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

I'm so excited to announce the dates, schedule, and the wonderful ladies helping me bring this tour to you. Thank you for the support and for celebrating the launch of Sun & Blood!

We have some Instagram posts and some blog posts! We have Interviews and a giveaway! We have a couple surprise posts happening that I was going to wait to announce until the day of, but... SURPRISE! I'm announcing them now!

And now that I've used my monthly quota of exclamation marks... Check out the schedule below. You will also find links for each stop as well as buy links for the books.

Thank you to all my betas, early readers, reviewers, bloggers, and Instagrammers who have made this tour possible!

Tuesday, March 22nd

Heather Frost - Author Interview:

Crystal Frost - Read an excerpt from Sun & Blood:

Wednesday, March 23rd

Sarah Hill - Character interview (Patrick) :

Thursday, March 24th

Cassandra - Author interview & Giveaway:

Friday, March 25th

Rebecca McKinnon - Double Character Interview:

Oh.My.Muffins - Book Review:



Grab your copy here!




In a world of wolven, being average can get you killed.

Without a wolf spirit of her own, Violet Draven is basically a souped-up human and an easy target. When her twin brother Jax makes enemies with the future alpha from a neighboring clan, she tries to stop him. A concussion sends her to the Sentinel Clan's doctor where the results of her recent tests reveal more than she bargained for. Determined to prove her worth, Violet trains with the best in the clan, but she's still considered a liability. To protect her, Jax orders his best friend to guard Violet, making the fight against her forbidden feelings for her new bodyguard even harder to hide.

Meanwhile, retaining control over his wolf is vital if Patrick Cowen is going to keep his past a secret. After losing his family more than three years ago, Patrick found a home in Sentinel Clan and worries about what will happen if anyone gets too close to him. Holding everyone at arms-length is the only way he knows how to protect his new family, but his eighteenth birthday, and first shift, draw near, testing his tenuous control. His combative wolf spirit won't go down without a fight and if Patrick fails, everything he cares for will be lost. Driven by blood lust and the desire for power; rogue, red-eyed wolven begin attacking the clans. Their savagery knows no bounds. They have only one rule.

Submit or die.

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