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About the Author

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Indie author Crystal Frost is a transplant, and current resident, of the snow-capped mountains of Utah. When she's not working on her writing, she spends most of her time being a mom to three rambunctious children. She can also be found reading, talking to herself, helping others through fitness, pretending to write, hanging out with her husband, attempting to be an artist, staring at the stars, obsessing over books, Harry Potter, and mugs, and attempting to train her crazy, hyper-excited poodle Merlin who will not relax unless he is in the laundry room.

At nine years old, Crystal was diagnosed with Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (what is now known as Irlen Syndrome - a neurological disorder that runs in families and affects her father and one of her sisters as well) and dyslexia. With the aid of Irlen Institutes' colorful lenses, Crystal was able to read without headaches, without pain, and without words changing, moving, or disappearing. She discovered a love for reading and sought out anything having to do with animals or fantasy. These worlds and stories fed her imagination and invigorated her storytelling.

At twelve years old, Crystal wrote a biography on Christopher Paolini and discovered he was only fifteen when he began writing Eragon, nineteen when he self-published. It was then that she felt a burning desire to become an author.

But, her dream came to a grinding halt when someone told her people with dyslexia couldn't be authors.

Teachers said she was a daydreamer, had an overactive imagination, and couldn't focus in class. She was called slow. Told she couldn't understand things... that she was stupid.

Hearing those things year after year would make anyone believe them. Crystal buried her dreams of being an author and tried to focus on other things.

It wasn't until she was an adult that she started to realize her overactive imagination wasn't a hindrance. She married her husband, who helped rebuild her confidence, and became friends with his sisters who are also authors. Having like-minded people to talk to made her lost and hidden desire to be an author explode beyond years of caged walls.

As her first trilogy is coming to an end, Crystal hopes that her story may inspire others with learning and neurological disorders. "You are not your disability. Chase your dreams no matter what anyone says. Learn how to work with your disorder. It is a part of you and your journey, but it does not define you." - Crystal Frost

Irlen Syndrome (also referred to at times as Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, and Visual Stress) is a problem with the brain’s ability to process visual information. This problem tends to run in families and is not currently identified by other standardized educational or medical tests. This largely unknown and undiagnosed disorder affects approximately 15% of the general population, 50% of individuals with reading and learning difficulties, 30% of individuals with ADHD and autism, and a significant portion of individuals with brain injury, chronic headaches, and migraines.

The Irlen Institute

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